The reality star announced that she will be running for California Governor and it spiked some controvery in transgender community.

Her coming out inspired many trans individuals across the world.

It’s rare to see openly transgender public figures and we know transgender community is a supportive community for all.

Now her entry into politics is being criticized by just as many.

Her party, Republican Party, is frequently criticized by trans rights.

In fact, herself too she’s facing a lot of backlash for opposing to let transgender girls play girls’ sports ‘just isn’t fair’. This was Jenner’s first comment on the controversial issue which we wrote a little while ago, since announcing her candidacy to replace Gov. …

Yes, this year has been hard but hard times are great catalyst for change.

Vidal Bali on Pexels

Maybe we’re being optimistic but finally, it seems like there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

If there is one thing we can all agree upon, it’s that it’s been the craziest year.

This year has allowed us to take note of what parts of our daily lives are important to our mental health.

And how much we took those small things for granted.

Thinking about how much I missed those moments looking back, like simple moments of reunion with friends or the joy of looking outside the airplane window, running outside without a fear of catching…

Our application, weBelong, is receiving plenty of love by the users and the press.

Our founder and CEO Yoshua Kishi and CMO Su Tugcu were happy to sit down for a full 2-page interview with Startups Magazine last month.

The teenage experience of 2021 is highly different than before. Growing up with our smartphones in our hand, Gen-Z users are constantly looking for a different social media experience.

With apps designed to exploit human psychology, our attention spans are as reduced as ever.

Highly entertaining 15-second video content of TikTok or 140 characters or slightly longer tweets and Instagram’s new reels all put forward one thing:

Consume as much content as you can by…

Let’s discuss and break this vicious cycle of exclusion from such an important industry for culture and our society.

Black representation in the entertainment industry overall has always been somewhat criticizable.

Albeit TV industry not being, media is a driving force in imposing and reinforcing cultural roles.

The role of entertainment in influencing masses’ self-perception is tremendous.

You’d think in 2021, after the strong support that Black Lives Matter movement has received, things would get a little better.

But in the most recent additions to Netflix library, there is still some controversy.

According to McKinsey’s recent report published last month, new research reveals that Black talent in the film and TV industry faces the economic fallout and solutions for…

Asian hate has increased rapidly over the course of last year and the recent Atlanta terrorist shootings was the last drop.

Asian hate has risen 90% this year and 200 incidents were reported just last month. Not to mention so many incidents which go unreported.

Albeit receiving recent spotlight, Asian community is not stranger to hate crimes. In fact, Asian hate is as old as the history of immigration in the Western Hemisphere.

As an Asian American, I have always been told by my parents to turn a cheek and not respond to the hate.

But it has become truly unbearable.

Especially after seeing a grandma getting kicked in the street and thinking she could be my grandma or your grandma…

Transgender rights are being targeted across 20 American states in the wake of Transgender Visibility Day.

Transgender athletes are a hot subject of discussion for legislators.

50 different bills across states are pending in over 20 state legislatures.

Just today, South Dakota’s governor issued an executive order banning transgender athletes from women’s sports.

A few days ago, on March 26th, Tennessee governor signed transgender sports bill into law requiring students to prove their sex at birth.

Right before that, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a similar bill, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, in his state.

And earlier this month, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves also signed into law a similar bill.

The orders also reference “biological sex,” a disputed term that refers to the sex as…

Accept me as I am.

Adena and Kat on The Bold Type

I feel like I’m always in the middle.

When I tell people that I’m LGBTQ+ and a proud Muslim, they’re almost always confused.

They can hardly imagine to be both.

Both identities, to them, are such opposite in the spectrum.

They ask me how do I combine these two identities.

Or most often, they just presume I was born into a religious Muslim country but that I don’t believe in Islam or that I don’t practice, just because I also happen to be queer.

Some of them even go on to tell me, “How can you be practicing when your…

Princess tiaras are all cute, until it no longer is.

And you know what else is not cute? Institutional racism.

The Crown tells the story of what a burden carrying that tiara can involve. And turns out Prince Harry and Meghan are also watching The Crown.

I am glad to see that the royal family is finally taking the allegations by Meghan and Harry of racism and exclusionary treatment seriously

We go into details of the events that followed the groundbreaking Oprah interview, aired on CBS. Revelations from that interview were many but one truly important sight stood out.

Meghan Markle can be a princess and the Duchess of Sussex but as a woman of color, she is facing a similar issue to most of us.

Black girls are discriminated for the shade of their skin.


Isn’t it time to understand these stereotypes can be hurtful?

This story is written by one of our users, Lorena. If you’d like to send us one of your stories to be featured on our blog, feel free to contact us at

In America, every ethnic group gets a *privilege* and right to having its own trope thrown at them.

And for us Latinas, it’s of course the Spicy Latina trope.

I’m sure you’ve come across it in Hollywood, in Netflix shows and even in jokes going around whenever a Hispanic is involved.

What Sofia Vergara teaches us about the Hot Latina trope and why it’s hurtful to all Hispanic girls

Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family, played by the most famous Spicy Latina, Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara…

Being Muslim in a country which led a longtime war with your region is like constantly feeling alienated than others.

In this story featured by our user, Selim, he shares with us his experience of how it’s been like to grow up in the United States as a practicing Muslim.

“Everybody wants to belong.”

Everybody wants to feel like they can be themselves where they are.

America, land of the free, home of the brave, the number one country on Earth where so many immigrants flock in for chasing, what they call, the American Dream. It is true essence of this country, the United States.

My family is one of them who’s come here in the early 80s after the…


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