Getting Your Mindset Right to Design the Life You Want

All the successful leaders stress the importance of getting your mindset right about what you want to achieve — here’s our suggestion to help you forward.

Example of a vision board

If you have a creative job, you may be familiar with the practice of moodboards. Whether it’s a logo design, brand identity consolidation or creative content, it is of common practice to make collages of visuals that evoke a certain feeling or energy around the thematic to help your creation process and communicate vision.

For many of us who have jobs and daily responsibilities, it may be hard to keep our dream life on top of your mind. Surely we all get distracted with everyday life and may lose our long-term goals out of sight.

And as the proverb goes, “what is out of sight, is out of mind.”

Mind is a very powerful space and visualization can be one of the most helpful tools to help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

First of all, visualizing things in your mind helps you decide on what you want and your vision starts appearing more possible to you.

Suddenly your mind starts thinking about all the ways you could realize those dreams, instead of dismissing its thought right away by saying “I can’t” or “It’s too far”. That’s why creating a vision board is so important. It expands our horizons and keeps our goals in sight.

It helps you dare to dream and keep on dreaming.

But… what should I put on my vision board?
Anything and everything that inspires and motivates you.
The purpose of a vision board is to bring everything on it to life.

You can create a one big vision board for all in your life or you can create smaller, more specific ones either around events or goals you want to hit.
For example, you can have a career or school-oriented vision board on your workspace or a fitness-oriented vision board on your wardrobe.

Alright, I’m in! How can I start?
You can start just as simple as curating inspiring images from your personal photos or Pinterest and Instagram and print them. You can also cut out images from magazines you have laying around.

Once you’re done, it’s important to hang it to a place where you can see it everyday. It can be on your fridge, bedroom, on the wall of your work station so that it can motivate you to keep working.

This way you can do short visualization exercises every day, without even realizing or making the effort!


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