How To Enjoy Your Summer Despite the COVID-19 Shadow

I don’t know about you but personally, I feel like I’m living for summer.

As the other seasons pass by and months go by one another quickly, the dream of summer days and nights push me through that depressing January and those April rains. Knowing May brings flowers and June sun will warm my skin gives me the most joy.

Because I moved abroad and lived in countries with different climates, I know it’s furthermore important when you live in a colder, cloudier climate. Then, summer really feels like that light at the end of the long tunnel that is winter, you know.

“We’ve gone from a whole society of FOMO to FOGO—fear of going out,” says travel expert Peter Greenberg, host of The Travel Detective and CBS News travel editor. “But we’ve evolved into a species where we don’t just want to travel, we need to. So it’s not a question of whether or when or even to where, it’s going to be how we travel.”

That’s why it’s a wonderful time to learn about how we can have a great and most importantly, safe summer. Several measures to take are worth noting. Here are our suggestions:

1. Enjoy spending time outdoors

We know that the virus is transmitted much more often indoors than outdoors, so walking on the beach or at the park is safer than going into crowded stores and restaurants. So, soak in that Vitamin D you’ve missed out on since months and you’ll feel better. Whether it’s by hanging out at the beach or at a park, just make sure you keep your social distance.

2. Splash some water!

Traditional summer activities of boating and swimming are fine. Experts say no evidence exists that COVID-19 spreads in water. So, enjoy dipping in some water.

3. Respect the social distancing circles in parks

Nothing says summer like enjoying and gather with your friends under the warm sun, right? Also, enjoying a picnic in your own backyard can be a wonderful, less-risky idea!

4. Stay informed with updates

Information changes fast, so seek updated, expert information from trusted sources about COVID-19 in your local area and any places you are considering as a destination. As states reopen and people emerge, we need to be careful as traveling can spread the virus. Also, expect vacation communities to be crowded.

5. If you use bikes, make sure to sanitize them frequently

Riding a bike around can be one of the best activities during summer, especially if you stay in the city. If you use one of the city bikes or if you store your bike in a commonly shared place, make sure you wipe your bike thoroughly before and after using it.

6. Try not to bring additional risk

It’s fine to go on vacation with your current household members or your inner circle of friends but beware of the risk of infection increasing as you bring more and more people into your circle.

7. Assess your own personal risk

Of course, if you are younger and with no prior illness, you’re in less risk but if you have a baby or have older people you take care of, make sure to assess their risk in your travel plans.

8. Carefully consider your travel method

Although airlines are increasingly focused on sanitation measures, airplanes are tight spaces with compressed air. If you are flying commercial, continue best practices of masking and hand-washing. Better options may be flying private or renting an RV.

9. Consider paying for your flexibility

At the beginning of this crisis, no one could’ve predicted how much flexibility we may have needed for our travel plans. Well, now we know and we can’t say we haven’t been warned. You’re never too careful, so it can be worth paying more for having more flexibility around your travel plans in case the risk increases and domestic/international travel is banned.

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