How To Have A Great First Work Experience In This Environment

Annie Spratt (on Unsplash)

We had the Great Depression of 1929.

We had the subprime crisis of 2008.

Now we’ve had Covid-19 crisis since the last couple of months.

With economies worldwide being so poorly affected and its toll already felt in skyrocketing unemployment rates, the situation doesn’t seem any better than those previous examples.

Entering the workforce for the first time now is no doubt a challenging experience for young workers.

Collectively we are experiencing one of the biggest traumas of our time.
According to Pew Research Center, looking at world events and other formative experiences help us understand how a generation’s world views are shaped.

Young people who grew up during the Great Depression and defended and supported the nation in World War II were named “The Greatest Generation.”

Remote work offers some benefits of being more with yourself.

For many of you who are in dire search of jobs, searching while the crisis still is going on can be difficult. It’s hard to demonstrate our personality through limited Zoom calls and get a feeling for our manager on the other side of the camera.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job, it’s a pretty weird time to start your first job as a young worker. Despite how well advanced current virtual offices can be, one still misses the interactions in office with your coworkers. When you feel in need of encouragement or need help with something or just want to share a victory, there’s nothing quite like chatting with your team members.

Surely this is a great time to learn new skills and develop your autonomy, become the best autodidact.

Developing new critical qualities

Young workers are developing plenty of valuable qualities and emotional intelligence during this time. Going through such changes in working style has made them more adaptable and empathetic people. They know the importance of social office environment because they know how it felt to be without it for months on.

Becoming your best teacher

Not only they developed great personal qualities but young workers also taught one of the most valuable lessons in their careers: You can figure things out by yourself and become your best teacher. This is a great time to learn new skills and develop your autonomy. With the development of tools like, you will become the best autodidact by the end of this quarantine.

My thoughts are with you, Class of 2020. This is surely one of the biggest challenging moments you’ll ever face but it will only make you stronger.
Hopefully you can deem the best of it and move forward.

Recruiters, next time you’re making a hire, think of this class as what they are, true warriors who are looking forward to working hard. Having been tested at a very young age, this generation of young workers will bring a special blend of resiliency and humanity to the workplace.

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weBelong is a a digital safe space for marginalized teens to connect and chat with like-minded teens. Download:

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